The owner Chef Laureano Cortez Hernandez start he’s own business and always was a dream and finally became true. Chef Laureano has cooked and catered for many of the finest Durham Restaurants for over 20 years. His exceptional skill and abilities shine through in each of his creations.

Chef Laureano is very particular went it comes food he always like to do things from scratch, pasta, bread, sauces, etc. He want to bring simple food with good taste.

The name of El Jefecito come up because that was how the employees called Chef Laureano.

Tacos are one of my favorite food I love tacos and basically I already tried all in town and never get a really good taco and I though why not I can do great tacos.This is not the food I always work with but this is the food I enjoy cooking, I like freshness, be able to combine all kinds of ingredients into a taco. We hope you enjoy the best Tacos in town and come back for more…


Chef Laureano

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