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[pro_schedule heading_pro=”Truck Schedule” schedule_description_pro=”we will be serving the best tacos in nc” schedule_title_pro_l=”Thursday 11th” schedule_left_item_1=”6 -9pm” schedule_left_item_title_1=”raleigh nc” schedule_left_item_desc_1=”raleigh brewery” schedule_title_pro_r=”friday january 12 th” schedule_right_item_1=”11:30-1:30p” schedule_right_item_title_1=”durham nc” schedule_right_item_desc_1=”4309 emperor blvd durham” schedule_right_item_2=”5-9pm” schedule_right_item_title_2=”hillsborough nc” schedule_right_item_desc_2=”250 s nash st hillsborough nc” light_fonts_pro=”true” schedule_cat_pro=””]

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